Actions To Be Taken In The Event Of Accidents

Actions To Be Taken
In The Event Of Accidents

  • Please visit a health institution about your disease within the scope of coverage.
  • If you prefer one of our contracted health institution, you may benefit from discount opportunities and your provision transactions are also followed by this institution.
  • If you prefer non-contracted health institution, the provision transaction will not be initiated. Please forward all necessary documents to Sompo Japan Sigorta A.Ş Health Service.
  • Your documents are examined by the doctors at our company.
  • After the examinations are completed, payment is done to the bank account of the insured.
  • You may forward all kind of problem and questions you have by calling our day and night call centre numbered 0212 306 00 28.

Information and Document Required For Providing You Better Service

  • Compensation claim form (explanatory medical report) – Please click to see compensation claim form
  • Medical examination and analysis results
  • Original invoice (to be in detail)
  • Original prescription and clipping
  • Insured’s bank account information
  • Hospital admission-leave epicrisis

Above mentioned documents are standard forms and additional documents may be requested according to the characteristics of damage.

 For health detriments: 0212 306 00 28

Status of your damages
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